by Julia Wilson

“From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised.”

Psalm 113 verse 3

Waking up in the morning light
Praying to know which way is right
Starting the day with a good read
Of the Book, its wise words like seeds
Sown in our hearts to aid us on
They end up being used in a song.

Songs you sing that pleases the ears
That can bring joy, happiness and tears
Praising the Lord while on the go
Whilst on a bus, going to and fro
Or just running while in the gym,
Cycling or when you have a swim.

Sharing the gospel when you can
To bring people to the holy Lamb
Talking with those people at work
Who have troubles that seem to lurk
Just say a prayer to God right there.
Pray to him anytime, anywhere.

Worship him in church on Sunday
But worship him at home on Monday
Praising God for his mercy and grace
For helping you along life’s race

The sun has gone from east to west
And before you go for a rest
Say a prayer to God right there
Worship him anytime, anywhere


by Tony Leonard

Ancient Voices Ever Singing: Poems Of Britain's Spiritual History

In the modern world of fast communications, on-demand entertainment and scientific discovery, it is easy to forget that the history of Great Britain is filled with the supernatural - ranging from the dark practices of Paganism to the enlightenment heralded by the introduction of the Christian faith. In this unique collection of poems, Tony Leonard uncovers the spiritual history of the United Kingdom through the ages, painting a vivid picture of lifestyle, beliefs and rituals in different eras. His compelling message is that the supernatural has not gone away; that the same ancient deceptions can be identified in the modern world.

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