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Zoom Lessons!
Did you know Messy Church is online this year from the 12th of December? Grandad didn't! Watch the video below to see the day Olly reminded him...
The Long Journey
Jason has snuck into Herod's palace to tell the story of the wise men visiting the baby Jesus. Don't make too much noise or Herod might hear!
Christingle Craft
Often in churches at Christmas we make Christingles. The different pieces of a Christingle remind us about the important parts of the Christmas story. Follow the instructions in the video below to make one. But make sure a grown-up is there when using matches!
It Was On A Starry Night
We have sung this song many times at Christmas Messy Churches before. It is all about the shepherds in the fields and angels appearing in the sky. Can you remember that part of the Christmas story? Sing along at home following the words in the video and think about what they mean.
Olly's Starry Night
After Olly sees some stars — or maybe a streetlights? — through a telescope, he and Grandad decide to investigate the Christmas story in a big book that Grandad has got... and find more than they bargain for.
Colouring-In & Puzzles
Most Messy Churches have puzzles and colouring in. Here you can download them and do them at home without the massive pressure of running out of time before the puppets or lunch. Some of the Word Scrambles made us quite angry.
Stable Craft
The Christmas decoration below can be made using a paper plate, PVA glue, a piece of string, a hole-punch, felt-tip pens, shredded paper, scissors and the print-out which can be downloaded here.
O Holy Night
This song reminds us that the baby Jesus born at Christmas time is Christ is the Lord. At Messy Chucrh we remember Jesus' whole life: his birth (especially at Christmas!), his death and coming back to life (especially at Easter!), and all the stories he told and people he met the rest of the year! We can also meet Jesus for ourselves - today! We look forward to seeing you again in 2021.